Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly.
— Proverb

Global Activators is developing an innovative program called Young Leaders for a Living Oceans that will engage thousands of young people in turning back the tide of destruction to the global oceans. The program has two components: a unique leadership training experience called Blue Rendezvous and a follow-up series of locally-organized youth gatherings focused on securing our blue planet that will be organized by the Blue Rendezvous participants. The program is designed to take place in several countries around the world.


Blue Rendezvous

One hundred or more outstanding young people aged 15-19 (i.e. “Young Leaders”) — drawn from the country in which the program will take place — will gather at a spectacular rural seaside location for their Blue Rendezvous experience. This multi-day event will combine elements of a campaigner training seminar, ocean conservation conference, and wilderness experience. The Young Leaders will learn from acclaimed scientists, indigenous leaders, and conservationists about the primary threats facing the world's oceans  — including ocean acidification, ocean warming, over-fishing, and plastic pollution. Ecological challenges specific to the coastal locations in which each Blue Rendezvous experience takes place also be highlighted. The solutions to these threats will be explored in depth. 


Explorations by ship, kayak, and on foot will introduce the participants to the marine environments where the Blue Rendezvous event takes place. There will be live music, campfire discussions, and movie screenings under the stars. It will be an experience that will change them forever.

During Blue Rendezvous, the Young Leaders will create their own multi-media presentations about their experience at Blue Rendezvous, why the oceans matter to them, and what people can do to reverse the dire trends. They will also receive training on how to organize their own ocean conservation advocacy conference in their community.


Grassroots Youth Gatherings

In the months following Blue Rendezvous, each of the Young Leaders will convene a small planning committee composed of young people in their community to organize their own Youth Summit for Living Oceans focused on safeguarding the oceans and combating dangerous climate change. Approximately 100 local youth will attend each of these Youth Summits. The content will include film screenings, workshops on advocacy campaigning, and musical and spoken word performances by young people.


A focal point of each Youth Summit will be the multi-media presentation delivered by the Young Leader associated with that local event. The participating young people at these gatherings will be invited to join advocacy campaigns focused on advancing the solutions to the major challenges facing the global oceans (e.g. letter writing efforts, meeting elected representatives, organizing ocean conservation parades, etc). The finale of each Youth Summit will be a Living Oceans Parade in which the participants, dressed in their own sea creature props, will march through the streets of their community to demonstrate their commitment to protecting our living planet.

Collectively, these local Youth Summits will involve thousands of young people. This will be a step forward in the global effort to protect our blue planet.

It is feasible for the Young Leaders for a Living Oceans program to take place in many locations around the world. We will offer the program in places where we can make the most impact. To that end, we are currently investigating which countries/regions are the highest priority places for engaging audiences in advocacy on solutions to the crises facing the oceans. Please join us in making it a success!