Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly.
— Proverb

Global Activators is currently planning an innovative youth leadership program that will engage thousands of people in turning back the tide of destruction to the global oceans. Over one hundred selected outstanding young people aged 16-22 will gather for six days at a spectacular rural seaside location on the west coast of Canada in the summer of 2019 for the inaugural Blue Rendezvous. They will learn from acclaimed scientists and explorers about the primary threats facing the world's oceans  — including ocean acidification, ocean warming, over-fishing, and plastic pollution. The solutions to these threats will be explored in depth. We'll also have presentations from leading ocean conservation campaigners and communications experts to learn about the most effective ways to mobilize people to bring about positive change.

Explorations by ship, kayak, and on foot will introduce the participants to one of the world's most spectacular marine environments. The group will camp adjacent to a wild, breathtaking, and marine rich beach. There will be live music, campfire discussions, and movie screenings under the stars.

During Blue Rendezvous, the young leaders will create their own multi-media presentations, which they will present to various groups in their communities in the months following their experience. Global Activators will provide a template presentation that will already include the components (graphs, video clips, imagery, etc) related to the perils facing the oceans and what can be done to reverse the dire trends. Each young leader will customize this presentation by adding their own video clips and photographs from Blue Rendezvous, highlighting their own story of this extraordinary experience. As a result, the factual information related to protecting the global oceans will be embedded within a personal storytelling frame. Audiences will learn how each young leader became a better oceans advocate at Blue Rendezvous, why the oceans matter to them, and why they believe that positive change is possible. This personal storytelling element is essential because stories engage audiences. 

The young leaders will collectively reach at least 100,000 people across Canada and the USA with their face-to-face presentations. Importantly, they will also invite their audiences to join advocacy campaigns to advance the solutions to the major challenges facing the oceans. This highly impactful program will then be expanded internationally. Please join us in making it a success!