Empowerment is a renewable resource.
— Jeffrey Gibbs

Founder and Chief Activator

Jeffrey Gibbs

The extraordinary LIFEboat Flotilla program.

He has spearheaded the creation of a global youth volunteer program for WWF (the world’s largest environmental organization) and he has founded four charitable organizations — collectively these efforts have engaged thousands of young people worldwide in educational travel experiences, volunteerism, advocacy, and leadership training to protect life on Earth and humanity. Additionally, his initiatives have helped secure biodiversity in Madagascar and support indigenous peoples' efforts to protect their societies in the Amazon rainforest, Borneo, and Canada. He has received widespread recognition for his work including the United Nations Global 500 Roll of Honour whose laureates include Sir David Attenborough, Wangari Maathai, Jane Goodall, and Jacques Cousteau. His remarkable life path started as a teenager when he went on a phenomenal journey in a remote and enchanting archipelago that changed him forever. Read the story →

Even as a teenager, Jeff understood that people needed to fall in love with nature and find ways to live in balance with it rather than simply exploit it. In his early years, he created clubs for teenagers to experience nature and to become advocates for protecting forests. He launched an incredibly successful group called the Environmental Youth Alliance that galvanized thousands of youth across Canada. He was involved in successful battles to stop flooding of the Amazon and raising support for the Penan people to stop destructive logging in Borneo. Jeff went to work with World Wildlife Fund and spent a lot of time in Madagascar working with youth. So he has developed expertise in projects involving young people and in working in remote places in the world.
— Dr. David Suzuki
I have such high regard for all you have accomplished...You are amazing...You are an inspiration.
— Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE

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Contact him: gibbs.jeff(at)gmail(dot)com

Board of Directors

Allan McDonell, QC

A retired senior commercial lawyer with expertise in managing large charitable organizations.

Lili Okuyama

Tour company owner-operator and former Manager of Outreach at Amnesty International headquarters in London.

Anke Kessler

Economics professor, mom, passionate about climate change.

Jocelyn Lewis

Lives in Vancouver with her husband and two daughters. If any spare time pops up she tries to volunteer with community and environmental organizations.

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