Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
— A.A. Milne

Global Activators is planning an innovative youth engagement program that will involve at least 3,000 people in advancing solutions to the challenges facing the global oceans and the coast of British Columbia. 


Prepare for a youthquake

On the Easter long weekend in April 2019, hundreds of outstanding young people aged 14-17 from across British Columbia will gather in Vancouver the inaugural Youth Summit for Living Oceans. This event will combine elements of a jamboree, ocean conservation conference, and street parade. The Youth Summit will spotlight both the major threats to the global oceans (e.g. climate change, over-fishing, and plastic pollution) and the challenges facing the Pacific coast of Canada (including the impacts of potential oil spills and the urgent need to protect threatened wild salmon). The emphasis will be on the many solutions to these threats.

Program Details

The first day and a half will be a stimulating mix of ocean conservation film screenings, slam poetry and live music from young performers, and keynote presentations from leading ocean scientists, First Nations leaders, conservationists, and entrepreneurs. 

The finale of the Youth Summit will be an exciting 5km Living Oceans Parade through the streets of downtown Vancouver, which will showcase the young participants wearing wild salmon and other sea creature costumes or props which they will have created in crafting workshops the previous day. This parade is also a pledge walk. However, it is a pledge walk to generate changemaker actions not funds. In the weeks before attending the Youth Summit, the participants will sign up ten people in their spheres of influence (family, friends, neighbours, classmates, etc). These supporters will each agree to write and send a hard copy letter to their elected representatives to share their own views on protecting our living oceans (e.g. express support for protecting wild salmon stocks, phasing out single use plastic, etc). Each Youth Summit participant will be representing those ten people during the Living Oceans Parade. 

In the week after the Youth Summit, the participants will have a conversation with each of their ten supporters — telling them about the major challenges facing the oceans and the BC coast and what can be done to turn the tide from depletion and destruction to restoration and protection. Each supporter will receive suggestions from the young person for what they can focus on when they contact their elected representatives. With hundreds of teenagers participating in the Youth Summit, their person-to-person outreach will result in thousands of people across British Columbia becoming engaged in securing the future of our coasts, wild salmon, orcas, and the global seas. Please join us in helping to make the first Youth Summit for Living Oceans a success.